When Bodie Van Wagenen wants something, he gets it. I heard he once ordered Chao Fun at a Rosie Mexicana, and got it. So when it’s reported that he wants J.T. Realmunto the question isn’t “will he” but “how will he?” get him.

He’s dealing with Marlin’s owner/executive/CEO Derek Jeter, who’s made it clear this off season’s priority is to help the Yankees win. Mets are looking for other ways to acquire the 27-year old catcher, so here are a few offers Jeter can’t refuse:

  1. The Mets trade Giminez, Peterson and the Brooklyn Bridge to the Marlins for J.T. Realmunto: I know what you’re thinking, Giminez is a high price for the catcher. But J.T. is both an offensive and defensive threat. As for the Brooklyn bridge, this is where a third party (the city of New York) gets involved. If the Mets can pry the long standing staple of New York away and gift it to Jeter, he may have to make that deal. As a backup they can look into the Empire State Building or Statue of Liberty. Sources report however Jeter is NOT interested in the GW bridge for obvious reasons.
  2. Mets offer Mauricio, D’Arnaud, and the Fountain of Youth to the Marlins in exchange for J.T. Realmunto and international spending money: Yes, Mauricio is the Mets two million dollar man. But if the Mets can get the Marlins to take TDA’s contract AND get international spending money, this could be a big win for them. In parting with the Fountain of Youth the Mets supposedly found near their former AAA stadium in Vegas, they’re essentially sending Derek Jeter in his prime (as well as Mariano and other former Yankees) back to Miami who would be able to compete sooner than planned.
  3. Mets trade Kevin Plawecki and all of their first round picks from the year 2022 and on, for J.T. Realmunto and a player to be named later: Van Wagenen has made it clear the Mets are in win-now mode. So future prospects won’t help them. By trading every future first rounder to the Marlins, the Mets are able to keep their core intact. And who knows, the player to be named later could just turn into an adequate middle reliever.
  4. Mets trade the Home Run Apple and all runs scored on Home Runs in 2018 for J.T. Realmunto and a $50 gift card to Whole Foods: This seems like the most obvious trade. Marlins need something to replace their home run sculpture. But it’s gonna take more than a home run apple, so Mets will offer every run scored in 2018 on homeruns to Marlins, who will be notified of those runs when the apple is raised. Because this is a steep price, the Wilpon’s also receive $50 to Whole Foods, the expensive grocery store reportedly out of their price range.
  5. The Mets off three players to be picked at Random from a hat, in exchange for J.T. Realmunto straight up: Van Wagenen has vowed to get creative. Let’s do it. Put the names of everyone on the 25 man roster in a hat and have the Marlins choose three. The deal could be deGrom, Thor and Conforto for the catcher, or it could be Vargas, Frazier, and Dom Smith. The key here is the ‘No Tradebacks’ clause. For this trade Mets would first look to resign Eric Campbell and assign him to the 25 man roster.

So there you have it. I expect one of these to be done by the New Year. Of course, the Mets could just sign Grandal. But out of every scenario above, it’s clear that the Wilpon’s spending money is the least realistic one of them all.


by: Avi Steinbach


Longstanding suffering Mets fan who once sold 50 custom T-shirts to Wilmer Flores during a rain delay.