Mikey Pumado of the New York Post reported last night that Mets’ right-hander Chris Flexen has gained almost 30 pounds since last August when he got knee surgery.

In his young career Flexen has a 3-8 record, 8.45 ERA, 2.15 WHIP, 7.26 FIP, 39 strikeouts, and 41 walks in 54 1/3 MLB innings.

ThatMetsChick.com sat down with Flexen and he stated that in order to gain respect from fans he needed to gain weight. “Mets fans would welcome me with open arms if I was a fat loveable guy.” he stated.  He also went on to talk about how he plans to have a double life with a secret family just like Colon did in order to impress Mets fans.

“I want to show the fans that I deserve to be in the big leagues. The only way to do that was to eat as much as I could during rehab. I watched Big Sexy’s eating habits and workout routine. It’s so easy, I’m surprised more athletes don’t do it.” – Chirs Flexen