MLB reported that Manny Machado has discussed with his close friends that he prefers to sign with the Yankees if the offers from other clubs are similar in years and money.

The three teams interested in Machado are the White Sox, Yankees and Phillies. The Phillies owner has stated that they have a shit ton of stupid money to spend this offseason. Will they break the bank for Machado? I hope not!

Mets fans would love for Machado to end up with the White Sox because who cares about them, right? But in reality he will end up on the Phillies or the Yankees.

I’d rather have Machado on the Yankees because that means we only have to face him 4-6 times a yea rather than 17 times a year if he was in our division. I don’t care if Yankee fans gloat over how much better their lineup is than ours. They are in the American league and should be the last thing on the Mets minds right now. Lets focus on the Braves, Phillies and Nationals.

Mets fans what are your thoughts? Would you rather have him on the Yankees or Phillies? You know the correct answer here.