Nick Wosika/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Mets traded Luis Santana, Ross Adolph and Scott Manea for JD Davis and Cody Bohanek of the Astros. Things proceeded to get pretty ugly via Twitter almost immediately after the news broke.

JD Davis is an interesting bat, no doubt. He can fill in at 1B, 3B, LF and RF adequately, and his bat at AAA (.342/.406/.583) in 2018 was fearsome. He is, however, 25, and was blocked in Houston. I’m not so sure he’s better off in Queens, other than as a lefty mashing platoon partner. Cody Bohanek is more of minor league fodder than a prospect, and hasn’t hit well.

Luis Santana is 19, and can flat out hit thus far in his MiLB career(.329/.426/.465). A back end top 10 prospect this early in his career is nothing to sneeze at. Ross Adolph is a 22 year old OF who was just drafted in the 12th round. He also… can hit-.276/.348/.506 in A- this season. Scott Manea is a 22 year old catcher who had a nice write-up in this tweet by Ben Wilson, an MiLB writer for This is a pretty significant haul for Houston, with Santana and Adolph being well-regarded and Manea not far behind.

What does this mean? There is a lack of certainty here. The sentiment seems to be that this is a depth move, and with more at-bats Davis can be a hidden gem. But the ambiguity of “can” is the concern here. The Mets gave up real prospect value, and so far have traded 3 (!!) of the top 12 prospects from the 2018 draft this off-season. While they undoubtedly have improved, the cost has been pretty high, and in no certain terms have the moves made propelled the Mets into the favorites of the NL East.

While healthy optimism is a good thing, this move does not seem to make a whole lot of sense from the Mets perspective. Depth is always good, but the Mets have stripped their lower minors to fill in these slots. There’s not much out there to justify this type of move, and fans will hold their breathe until the next trade causes us to gasp.