cespedes injured

The Mets special assistant to the general manager, Omar Minaya, appeared on MLB Network Radio on the second day of the 2019 to discuss the state of the New York Mets with Anthony Di Como.

During the interview Minaya stated that he wasn’t so sure that Yoenis Cespedes was going to play a major role for the Mets in 2019.

Cespedes had surgery on both his heels back in late October of 2018 is expected to be sidelined for 8 to 10 months according to team specialists. Many felt that it was those heels that was causing Cespedes to put exerted pressure on his hamstrings and his calf muscles; which were also causing him to spend time on the DL since 2017.

The die hard Mets faithful had our hopes up that we would see “La Potencia” back in the starting line up sometime around mid -August. It would’ve been like adding another piece late in the season to bolster the offense. You know what I’m getting at. (Shades of 2015!!)

But, alas, that will not be the case.

Turns out we will be lucky to see Yoenis step into a batter’s box even once in 2019. Now this could be Minaya just trying not to get the fans’ hopes up and setting the bar really low here.

We may get number #52 back for, say, the last twenty games of the regular season….we just shouldn’t count on that happening. Anything we get should just be considered a bonus according to him.

After a tremendous 2015 and a pretty strong 2016, the first two years of a four year contract we gave Cespedes back in 2017 is turning out to be a disaster. In 2017 and 2018 Yoenis only played in a total of 119 games combined. This year we can expect anywhere from 25 games to NONE from the Cuban slugger.

In other words, we will have paid him $80.5 million for the last three years in which he won’t even start a combined 162 games!

Can you say one of the worst contracts in Mets history?

I’d say so. It ranks up there with the likes of what the Red Sox paid for Pablo Sandoval back before the 2015 season. Yu Darvish and the contract he just signed with the Cubs back in 2018 is also a nightmare of a contract to compare the Cespedes deal to.

bosox fat pablo sandoval

Outside of the Jason Bay and Oliver Perez contracts….I can’t think of a more wasteful deal we have dished out as a team in recent Mets memory. (Okay…that David Wright extension turned out to be a real stinker also).

Let’s just hope to a 140 game start and MVP caliber 2020 out of big Yo’.

Many cynical fans weren’t expecting much out of him until his contract year anyways. Until then, let’s just hope he gets all the rounds of golf and sports cars his heart desires until it’s flushed out his system fully.