Luckily for me someone else calculated the Mets estimated payroll for the 2019 season before I could! I’m also not a fan of math!

All Stats are from Christopher Soto on #Metstwitter

“The New York Mets released David Wright’s agreement details (Per Cot’s Baseball Contracts) ’19 salary restructured $4M paid on 1/10/19 $2.5M paid during 2019 season $6M deferred at 2.5% interest compounded monthly Paid in (3) $2M payments 7/1/21, 7/1/22, 7/1/23 All interest paid 12/31/23. Based on the monthly compounding interest of $6M at 2.5% The 12/31/2023 payment would be $798k. Wright’s 2019 salary is for $12.5M not the $15M that was originally reported. An additional $2.5M from his 2019 and 2020 salaries were deferred at no interest years ago.”

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Mets payroll as of 1/8/2019

  • For the 25 man roster: $132M
  • Minus the Wright and Cespedes insurance: $107M
  • For MLB Luxury Tax purposes: $162M

*If the Mets maintain their 155-160 million dollar payroll estimate they will have 27 million dollars left to spend this off-season. Or they won’t reinvest the Wright insurance money because of the Wilpons!

In my opinion the Mets should sign Bryce Harper and back-load his contract. They technically can afford him!

For a more detailed look at the Mets Payroll click the link below: