The Mets have a very weird story to tell. Their home ballpark houses an exit velocity that is dead last in MLB, and is an offensive hellhole that is difficult to grasp.

To put this dire situation into a better visual, here is Mets hitters Home/Away splits for 2018:

Home: .215/.292/.354 , 75 HR, 279 R
Away: .252/.331/.421, 95 HR, 402 R

At home, the Mets rank last in the NL in BA, OBP, and second to last to only the lowly Marlins in SLG% HR and Runs.
Away, the Mets are 6th in BA, 2nd in OBP, 4th in SLG, 6th in HR and 3rd in Runs.

What on earth is happening here? The short answer is… we don’t know, and the Mets have a responsibility to their own hitters to find out why, and either fix it or acknowledge it. Since exit velocity is an “impact off the bat” stat, things such as wind and building structure are not the answer here. Some on twitter (@adamgfisher) have speculated that it could be the way balls are stored in Citi Field that is affecting the way the ball is being struck.

But what about pitching? As one could imagine, the starting pitching has reaped this benefit pretty well, but not to the degree that the Mets offense has suffered (unless your name is Jason Vargas).

Degrom: 1.54 ERA, 11.8 K/9, 5 HR allowed at Home
1.87 ERA, 10.4 K/9, 5 HR away

Syndergaard: 2.87 ERA, 9.2 K/9, 4 HR
3.20 ERA, 8.9 K/9, 5 HR

Wheeler: 3.14 ERA, 8.5 K/9, 7 HR
3.49 ERA, 9.2 K/9, 7 HR

Matz: 3.59 ERA, 8.8 K/9, 17 HR (!)
4.46 ERA, 9.0 K/9, 8 HR

Vargas: 3.92 ERA, 9.9 K/9, 4 HR
7.13 ERA (!!!!), 7.0 K/9, 14 HR (!!!!!!!!!)

While you wipe the vomit from your shirt, amazed at how Jason Vargas is a nice back-end starter at home and absolutely the worst pitcher imaginable on the road, you can see that the rest of the Mets starters are pretty good both home and away (I’m willing to bet Matz season is an aberration, as career wise his home/away splits are relatively similar).

This points to the issue mostly affecting the Mets hitters, and when you see some of these numbers you may lose it.

Conforto: .211/.311/.371 Home
.271/.381/.514 Away

Nimmo: .237/.383/.440 Home
.279/.446/.471 Away

Rosario: .204/.252/.327 Home
.303/.334/.429 Away

Plawecki (RIP): .183/.272/.382 Home
.234/.351/.359 Away

Just to name a few. For reference, Conforto hits similar to Manny Machado away, but more like Freddy Galvis at home. That is just plainly not good, particularly when you’re relying on this group of players to preform in the 81 games at home.

There is hope on the horizon, however small that glimmer may be. The Mets *have* to know about this situation, and hopefully are doing something to remedy this plague upon the Mets offense at Citi field. GM Brodie Van Wagenen has brought in two hitters coming from similarly (but not quite as) horrific offensive ballparks in Robinson Cano and Jed Lowrie, so perhaps the Mets won’t be as atrocious moving forward.