Does A Change Of Scenery Help A Baseball Player? In some cases it does. Some notable  baseball players (that come to mind) to succeed after being traded/ or signed by another team are as followed:

-David Ortiz
-Mike Lamb
-Josh Reddick
-Derrek Lee

According to a study by the journal of business and psychology a change of scenery does have a positive effect on most players. The study uses publicly available MLB performance data from 2004 to 2015. The data comprise 712 team changes for players following two consecutive years with the same organization.

Data were analyzed using MANCOVA to assess the impact of changing teams on player performance..

Findings from the study: following a team change, these players experienced a significant increase in their performance that remained stable through a subsequent season.

Jeffrey Fishbein, the sports psychologist for the White Sox:

“When you’re traded to a team that is in a pennant race, and you feel like you’re wanted, and someone views you as an asset, that can totally change how you view your own ability level and subsequent performance.”

Why do players succeed on a new team?


  1. Fresh start: “It brings new life to you, and it brings a fresh start, Rejuvenation was the main word that kept coming to mind because I felt like I was getting a new opportunity to play meaningful baseball for the first time in three years, and I was excited for the opportunity.” –  Stephen Vogt
  2. Value: “When a first-place team calls for you, it was ‘Oh wow, people do recognize that I am still valuable.’ I was very defeated in Oakland,” Vogt said. “I had a very defeatist attitude, so I was able to get that turned around when I got here, and I was able to thrive on that.”
  3. New Culture:  New coaches, new teammates, different methods of getting ready for a game. Believe it or not the culture of a clubhouse is a big reason guys can produce. Sure, talent is the main reason but feeling valuable and meshing in well with your new teammates can make you feel rejuvenated (as mentioned above)