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“Why are we signing Lowrie?? We need a center fielder!!”

“What are we going to do with Jeff McNeil now?!”

A few questions we, myself included, have been asking ourselves…after some thoughts, I’ve come to this conclusion:

I never thought I’d live to see the day, but as of right now, the New York Mets have depth!! Say goodbye to the Reyes, Evans, Gonzalez, and Guillorme starting infields of 2018! Say HELLO to the mixture of Alonso, Rosario, Frazier, Lowrie, Cano, McNeil starting infields of 2019! Now my assumption is someone is leaving, my bet on Frazier…but if not, that’s a pretty good starting infield, regardless on if it’s Frazier, Rosario, Cano, Alonso from left to right, or Lowrie, Rosario, Cano, Alonso. Now, of course, there’s the very real possibility someone (my bet is on Frazier) gets traded. But even if Frazier does get traded, you slot Lowrie (who is better than Frazier in my opinion) in his spot and you still have some pretty good depth, with McNeil being the utility guy and a bench that includes even more infielders like J.D. Davis, T.J. Rivera, and Luis Guillorme.

Of course the main question for most of us is what comes next? As of right now, the starting outfield is Conforto, Broxton/Lagares, and Nimmo. There is clear room for improvement there, especially when it comes to center field. As of right now, there is still AJ Pollock and someone who’s name rhymes with Price Parper on the market for outfielders. The Mets should probably be in on them and signing Jed Lowrie shouldn’t stop them from that…but that’s a whole separate issue.

I know our first instinct as Mets fans is to complain about the moves the team makes (because more than half the time they’re terrible moves and we have good reason to complain). But to me, having six infielders all capable of starting and only four infield spots is what one would call a good problem to have.