The Milwaukee Brewers introduced Yasami Grandal today at Miller Park. Last week, Grandal signed a one-year contract with the Milwaukee Brewers worth $16 million with a mutual option for a second season that includes a $2.25 million buyout.

According to sources the Mets did not officially offer Grandal a contract however they had numbers in mind that they communicated to his agent. The number was around the high 50s (in millions). Grandal was seeking a high 60 million dollar contract. He settled for $16 million for 1 year.

“I felt like part of my responsibility as a player was to respect the guys that went through this process before I did. Guys like Brian McCann and Russell Martin, Yadier Molina. These are guys who established markets and pay levels for upper- tier catchers like me. I felt like I was doing a disservice if I were to take some of the deals that were being thrown around. “I wanted to keep the line moving especially for some of the younger guys that are coming up . . . to let them know, if you’re worthy, then you should get paid what you’re worth. That’s where I was coming from.” – Yasami Grandal

This is how I interpreted the quote above:  Listen my agent overplayed our hand. We wanted more money and no teams would give that to us so we had to settle for a one year deal with the Brewers.

I also don’t think Grandal can be in the same sentence as Yadier Molina. Yaddie was phenomenal offensively and defensively at his position.

I’m happy with the guy (Wilson Ramos) we signed anyway!

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