Winter Storm Harper will become a major snowstorm from the Plains to the Midwest and Northeast Friday into the weekend. A storm system entering the West Coast Wednesday will tap into that cold air once it moves through the central and eastern states Friday through the weekend, delivering a widespread swath of significant snow.

The exact track of Winter Storm Harper Friday through the weekend is still somewhat uncertain as it pivots through the central and eastern states. Therefore, it’s still a bit too early to pinpoint any further details such as snow totals and potential locations affected.

New York state has taken precautions to avoid Harper and any top snow storm this winter. We sat down with Mayor De Blasio to talk about how New York prepares for this storm.

“One to two inches… that’s not a snowstorm any of us would be afraid of, however 10-24 inches of snow would kill us financially. We are talking about extra plows, sand trucks, salt trucks. That would take a toll on New York and we wouldn’t be able to fund other expenses,” De Blasio said nervously.

Jim Kenney, the Mayor of Philadelphia says he plans to fully embrace the storm. “I think the city of Philadelphia deserves Harper (Winter Storm). “Take a day off from work, school, etc,” Kenney proclaimed. “I will be calling a state of emergency when the storm hits. We will be so prepared for this storm, I’m sending in more plows, sand trucks and salt trucks than De Blasio [Rival] has ever seen. We are opening our arms to this storm!”

The storm is still developing so it is unclear how much of an impact it will have on the Northeast. We will keep you updated later this week.