Hey Mets fans! I was just thinking of some cool ideas to do ticket giveaways in 2019:

Which is a better option:

Option A: Free upper deck tickets. They will be cheap because I cannot afford to spend money like that on giveaways! I’m sorry but I hope you understand. This will be a simple RT and follow kind of giveaway and a randomized generator will pick the winner.

Option B: Everyone who enters on my website puts in a dollar and then I use a randomized generator to select the winner. The winner will be DMed and can choose if they want to sit first base side/ third base/ outfield or behind home plate. The total pot received from the entries will go toward the tickets. (You can trust me on this I am not Bernie Madoff with a ponzi scheme). For the money being deposited I’m thinking Venmo is the easiest and safest way to send money? I will even take a picture of the money being deposited so everyone knows how much the total will be.

Option B might be the most complicated option but if enough people enter the contest and the pot builds to say $200, a lucky Mets fan would get some sweet seats. It’s like playing the lotto or a scratch off: You never know if you are a winner!

Please let me know what you guys think. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.