According to, the Mets are projected to win 84 1/2 games in 2019 with their current projected roster. That doesn’t scream  “come get us” that Brodie Van Wagenen proclaimed last week.

“We want to win the pennant. And after that, we want to win the World Series. I’m less concerned about what other teams in the division are doing. … I hope that those guys continue to get themselves better because we’ll go slug it out with them every day.”- Brodie Van Wagenen

The Washington Nationals are projected to win 87 1/2 games. The Philadelphia Phillies are projected at 84 1/2 and the Atlanta Braves are projected at 83 1/2.

The Mets need to complete this off-season by adding another relief pitcher, starting pitcher and a centerfielder. This will certainly increase their projected win totals. However, if the Phillies or Nationals add Machado or Harper, their win totals will surely increase and ours will most likely decrease.