So far, the New York Mets have been very active this offseason, somewhat uncharacteristically so. The team has added Robinson Cano, Edwin Diaz, and Jed Lowrie. But the difference-making addition of the 2018-2019 offseason will turn out to be catcher Wilson Ramos.

Ramos was selected to his 2nd All-Star team last year while hitting .306/.358/.487 in 111 games. This is an elite level of production for any position on the field, let alone the catcher position. He had 15 home runs to go along with his slash line, and shows more power when he is fully healthy. (Hit 14 of 15 home runs before getting injured and traded)

Out of the Mets’ five major offseason acquisitions, three of them are of extreme offensive talent. So what makes Ramos the most influential player the Mets have received? The positional upgrade that he makes.

In 634 plate appearances in the 2018 season, the Mets’ catchers combined to hit a measly .208/.297/.355, which is severe underproduction. Basically, the catcher spot was an automatic out for opposing pitchers, just like the pitcher’s spot in the batting order. Instead, this spot in the order becomes home to a reigning All-Star, whose .306 batting average would have ranked second on the team last year. This creates a .98 point swing between the 2018 Mets catchers and Ramos. Amazingly, Ramos’ .358 OBP was higher than the Mets’ catchers combined on-base percentage and slugging percentage in 2018. His batting average was even 9 points higher than Mets’ catchers combined on-base percentage, which shows how much of an amazing upgrade this player will make.

Regardless of the splashes the Mets have made this offseason, the positional upgrade that Wilson Ramos brings to the Mets will be instrumental this year.