On January 24th the Mets hosted their annual Q & A with season ticket holders. @hossain1993,  of Mets twitter went to this event and told us that there was a Jose Reyes fan among the crowd.

“When I went to the Q&A session with Brodie, someone actually had the nerve to ask if we would bring back Reyes, so cringeworthy” – Hossain1993

Jose Reyes’ 2018 Stats:

  • 110 G251 PA4 HR.189/.260/.320
  • 62 wRC+, .255 wOBA, .132 ISO, -0.9 fWAR, -1.0 bWAR

When I asked him what Brodie said back he replied, “He basically laughed it off and said it wasn’t going to happen, then asked for the next question. It was the best f—ck off I think Brodie was allowed to say.”

“It was some older dude that was like “he’ll always be a great and deserves a chance to finish his career here” and I was like Brodie please kick him out.” – Hossain1993

The Jose Reyes lover’s identity remains unknown. We tried to get a comment from Reyes Virus Guy but have not heard anything back yet.