The National Girls and Women in Sports Day is an annual day of observance held during the first week of February to acknowledge the accomplishments of female athletes, recognize the influence of sports participation for women and girls, and honor the progress and continuing struggle for equality for women in sports.


Hello everyone! You all know me as @thatmetschick. My name is Breanna (call me Bre). I created this website because I am a die hard Mets fan who would like to vocalize my opinion about the state of the Mets.

My connection to sports:

I am 23 years young. I’ve been a Mets fans since birth! I’ve followed sports for a very long time. Baseball being #1, followed by football and then basketball.

From a very young age I participated in several sports: Softball, Basketball and Volleyball. After school I was always involved in some type of activity, whether it would be working out at the gym or having a football catch in the backyard with my brother. I was always attached to sports.

When I was younger I used to play stick ball with my neighbors and my brother. We lived on a dead end so very few cars would come down our block. We spray painted home plate near the dead end sign and spray painted first and third base. Second base was the sewer cap. We would play for hours, accidentally hitting cars or diving on the concrete. Those were the days.

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In high school I played volleyball and softball. In volleyball my position was an outside hitter. An Outside hitter is someone who often attacks the balls which is set by the setter to the left side of the court. In softball my positions were center field and right field because of my quick feet and strong arm. I was also a switch hitter and slapped from the left side.

After breaking my ankle my senior year in volleyball, I decided not to pursue the sport in college and focus my attention on solely softball. Here is a video of me breaking it if you are interested:

In college I played softball at Farmingdale State College. I played center field and right field. My coach advised me to stop slapping and bat from the right side because he considered myself as a power threat. After working continuously on my swing from the right side with my new hitting coach at Farmingdale, I became a confident swinger.

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I played college softball from 2014-2017 and won 2 Skyline championships. My best seasons were in 2015 and 2016.

2015 Stats
2016 Stats


In a fantasy world I would have liked to play baseball. I love pitching overhand. I can throw a slider, changeup, 4 seam FB, 2 seam FB and a curveball. Baseballs are much easier to throw in my opinion than a softball.

Unfortunately, I was unable to try out for any baseball team because I was a girl so I stuck with softball. Don’t get me wrong I love softball and I enjoyed playing it. If somehow today at the age of 23 I could be given the opportunity to play in any baseball league (for fun or competitive) I would take it.

I feel honored to have the Mets share my video of pitching! Even though it was really just a video of me messing around at Baseball Plus, throwing a dimple softball that they use for the machines (I wish it was a baseball!)

It is important for younger girls to not be afraid to get involved in sports that are primarily for boys. I encourage girls to show off their softball/baseball talents!