New York — MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred and the MLB Players Association have set up a committee to explore adding a fifth base for the 2019 season, as they continue contemplating changes to the game.

This latest rule change has sparked controversy all across the sport, primarily from groundskeepers, who say they won’t have time to reconfigure stadium fields before spring training opens next week. In frustration, the Iowa farm where they filmed, “Field of Dreams,” has begun ploughing the diamond under and is planting corn.

“I love it.” Says Mets GM Brodie Van Wagenen. “I acquired all the available infielders this winter in anticipation of the league adding a base. A DH I might have to scramble for, but more infielders? I got this.”

Former Mets second baseman was not nearly as excited. Sadly, we cannot publish a single word that came out of Bachman’s mouth.

The fifth base will necessitate new rules. In order to make the new base more exciting. If you make it 5 bases you don’t get one run you get three runs, and the chance for another on a field goal style home run derby pitch.

“It is hopes that the uptick in scoring will help fans keep an active interest,” Manfred said. Nobody knew what he was talking about.