We all know his best skill. Its that damn 5 star smile.

His second best skill is his oft-talked about ability to get on base, something that a certain faction of fans (both Mets and baseball fans) can’t get behind. So it’s worth exploring: what else is Brandon Nimmo good at?

Defense/ Defensive Versatility

Brandon Nimmos best defensive position is left field. Unfortunately, the Mets have had several players whose best position is also LF, and Nimmo has spent most of his career so far shuffling between all 3 outfield spots. His biggest struggle has been RF (-5 DRS in 2018), but he’s also improved dramatically in CF (-2 DRS in 18′ is down from -3 in 17′, in 5x more innings). I’m willing to bet Nimmo is better in RF this season, as 2018 was his first large exposure there so far in his career. The ability to shuffle him around the spots is inherently valuable, particularly when Yoenis Cespedes come back and is limited to his LF post. Outs above Average over at statcast has Nimmo at a net 5 gain, so take from that what you will


Nimmo is fast. How fast? His 28.5 sprint speed is tied with teammate Juan Lagares, just a .1 tick below Lorenzo Cain and a tick above Shohei Ohtani and Francisco Lindor. His 1.9 BSR (Baserunning runs above average) is behind only Amed Rosario on the Mets, and is 19th in the NL, sandwiched between Starling Marte and Trevor Story.

Right handed pitchers beware


That was Brandon Nimmos batting line against RHP in 2018. Nimmo mauled them so much that only Max Muncy and Christian Yelich could compare in the NL. No one in the NL east came within 10 wRC+ of Nimmo in this regard. It speaks for itself.

Road Warrior

Only two players in the NL had a better wRC+ than Nimmos 158 on the road- Paul Goldschmidt and Matt Carpenter. If we include the AL, add in Mookie Betts, Mike Trout, JD Martinez, and Matt Chapman. Thats it. Citi Field kills hitters, but Nimmo absolutely crushes pitching on the road.

Soft contact

Nimmo makes soft contact 18.7% of the time. That’s a tick below Manny Machado at 18.8%, and a tick above guys like Javier Baez and Rhys Hoskins.

Nimmos best skill- getting on base- is unlikely to get overshadowed by any of these things. Its a great skill to have- and plenty valuable on its own- but its not the only skill he has. He is very much a complete baseball player, and while I know his OF teammate Michael Conforto is getting all the attention for a breakout season in 2019, expect Nimmo to do more of the same and even improve on his excellent 2018 season.