Derek Jeter stood and chatted a few rows from home plate in Marlins Park on Monday morning. He wants to win. What owner doesn’t? (Wilpons)

This season, he’s hinting that he may be more involved with players. He learned in 2018. He may teach more in 2019.

“I have no patience, “I have zero patience. I’ve been preaching it. I don’t have it.”- Derek Jeter in regards to winning

Jeter looked on as he watched Marlins players take batting practice. “This is terrible”, he shouted out loud and the echo of his voice blared throughout the stadium.

Jeter walked back into the clubhouse and demanded we leave while he gets ready. “I am going to show them how it is done!”

* Minutes later *

Jeter emerged from the clubhouse, up the dugout stairs and behind home plate in a Miami Marlins uniform. He dug into the box and still seemed to have it all at the plate. It was the best swing we saw at Marlins park since Giancarlo Stanton left.

We asked several Marlins players how they felt about their owner giving them hitting tips:

“This is amazing, he is a true legend out there… the best in the game! Number 2 Re2pect!”, proclaimed a Marlins player that we do not know the name of because the Marlins traded away any real talent on the team.

Jeter told the press that he plans on activating himself on the 25 man roster once the season starts. He will then play 10 games and retire his number #2 and then trade the next best talent on the team at the trade deadline.