2/25/19: “Harper is expected to make his decision by the end of this week, two team executives told USA TODAY Sports. The executives spoke on condition of anonymity because of ongoing negotiations.”

According to NBCsports, Bryce Harper has made his decision on who he will be signing with this off season. Fans have been anticipating Harper signing all winter. (To read the full article click the link)

Chris Russell said the current free agent could announce his signing within the next 24 hours.

“Maybe I took a little bit of a leap of faith here based on some indications I got from a real good source, But I’m lead to believe by the people that I’ve talked to that are close to the situation — and I have, again, a real good source that has helped me through this process, let’s just leave it at that”- Chris Russell

San Francisco Giants fans might be in luck here. Russel reports that he strongly thinks the Giants will sign Bryce Harper. Harper met with the Giants last week. The Giants were late to the party but they might come away with Harper now.