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As the Mets kick off their spring training games on Saturday, one special individual will continue to receive some not-so-special treatment.

Despite his college football success, NFL career, and explosive media presence, national sensation Tim Tebow is just a regular guy in St. Lucie this year.

When asked about giving the superstar some celebrity comforts, Mets manager Mickey Callaway made it clear that’s not the case.

“Tim is a team player, and we took him because we think he’s a good athlete. I heard he tried some whole football thing back in the day but that’s behind him – he’s a ballplayer now.”

Callaway made it clear that global sports icon Tebow would be an equal amongst his minor league teammates.

“Timmy is just one of the guys”, he said. “We still expect him to drive the carpool on Tuesdays and alternating Thursdays, and we still expect him to bring snacks for the team when it’s his turn in the snack rotation.”

Many critics were skeptical that Tebow would fit in as a serious teammate amongst the veteran players. Infielder Todd Frazier showed otherwise when asked about the talented football phenom.

“Tebow is just like any other new guy, and he deserves the same respect that we show our other newcomers. He gets to eat lunch right next to them on the floor, right out of his own dog bowl like the other rookies.”

Mets general manager Brodie Van Wagenen also mentioned that Tebow’s St. Lucie room accommodations were very standard and humble. “As a member of the team, Tim understands he can’t always get a top bunk like he prefers. Sometimes he’s gotta take the air mattress, and occasionally it’s the one with the holes in it. From time to time he’s gotta mop and sweep up, and periodically it’s his turn with the plunger. That’s part of being a baseball player, and we expect him to cooperate fully.”

When we asked for Tebow, Callaway said he’s unavailable to speak, as he is currently about 8 miles away with a flat tire on his 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee. “He’s gotta fix this one himself,” said Callaway. “It’s an important lesson for him.”