According to’s Jeff Passan, Manny Machado has officially signed a record breaking deal with the San Diego Padres. The reported contract is 10 years, 300 million, with an opt-out clause after the 5th year. As the Padres move towards contention, Machado along with Eric Hosmer will serve as productive veterans that can be models for the Padres’ young core to follow.

This deal greatly affects the Mets, as now Machado is out of the NL East division. As a result, now the Phillies and Nationals can only try for Bryce Harper, eliminating the terrible scenario of Machado and Harper coming to the NL East. If Machado had gone to the division-rival Phillies, the Mets would have had a much tougher time winning the division or even achieving a wild-card spot. Now, the Mets have one less superstar in their division and will have a much greater chance of success in 2019 because of that.

Let’s hope that Bryce Harper will go to the White Sox, Giants, or Mets, so he will also stay out of the division!