“What Is It Like Being A Mets Fan”, some people might ask. It’s tough, exhausting yet rewarding. It’s doubtful yet promising. Being a Mets fans isn’t easy…at all.

So what is it like being a Mets fan you ask? For starters, you don’t voluntarily choose to be a Mets fan.  You just don’t chose suffering if you know what I mean. You were born into a family of Mets fans or decided at a very young age (before knowing what baseball was all about) that the colors orange and blue looked better than navy and white (Yankees colors).


Being a Mets fan requires patience. “This is our year. Next year is now”. That saying has been passed on for generations of Mets fans to cry. It’s true though. We always say…. next year will be the year! And then when it is finally our year, it’s rewarding. (ex: 2015)

Being a Mets fan requires toughness. When the team sucks, you have to toughen up and continue to support your team. No bandwagon fans allowed! This is where patience and toughness come into effect. You continue to root for the orange and blue even when the team sucks.

Being a Mets fan is not always easy, especially when another New York team is playing in the Bronx. The Mets always get compared to the Yankees. No matter what. The two don’t even play in the same league yet the media and fans always love to compare the two New York teams.

Mets fans have to deal with Yankees fans. The Yankees themselves are not a bad guy team. Hear me out on this one. If you watched the 2000s Yankees then I understand. Clemons threw a bat at Piazza. I get it and understand why you continue to hate them. The current 2019 team has a surplus of young talent that have caused no drama (yet). However, some Yankees fans can make a Mets fans day a living hell. They nickname us “little brother” and compare our success to theirs. We have to deal with this daily now with social media.

Being a Mets fan will make you yell and cry. From being a Mets fan you know by now that this team can not go a week without drama. I should say a day without drama but I’m being nice. Bonehead player comments with the media , front office blunders and freak injuries turn into back pages stories for other fan bases to laugh at. I always say “Why us?! Why does this happen to the Mets! Ah YES because WE ARE THE METS! DUH”

Being a Mets fan you know the owners name by heart. Not always a good thing right? Most fans  (pretty sure 99.9%) despise the Wilpons. If you are that .01% that like the Wilpons I have several questions for you. Our owners are bad. They won’t sell the team.  They are recovering  from the Ponzi scheme by their good ole buddy Bernie Madoff.

Being a Mets fan shockingly also has its positive moments. Wow who knew?! The patience and toughness you learned as a Mets fan is put to test when the team is doing well. All your patience with this team has finally paid off and the pure emotion of winning is hitting you all at once. Remember the magical year of 2015? After years of suffering from 2010-2014 and being promised from ownership that the team would get better 2015 magically happened.

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From the Wilmer cries to the Cespedes trade, to Wrights Home run in his return to the Mets winning the pennant, it was emotional being a Mets fan. Being emotional is not a bad thing. It just shows you really care for this team quite frankly because you stuck through the bad times and now you are finally being rewarded for it.

Being a Mets fan is tough, emotional and stressful at times. It is also rewarding, inspiring and soothing. In 2019, I hope the team finds their magic again and gives us deserving fans a season to remember. We pretty much suffered in 2017 and 2018 so I think 2019 would be the perfect time to reward us!