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There is reason to believe that the Mets may be wise to leave Pete Alonso in the minors to start the season. The reasoning is service time.

Major League Baseball counts one year of service as 172 days on a major-league roster. A typical MLB season is around 187 days. So if teams hold players in the minors long enough to ensure those players won’t reach 172 days ofservice, they will control the rights to that player for an additional season.

Another reason to keep Alonso in the minors is because of the Mets pitching match-ups the first week of the season. As Metsdaddy put it,  “If it were me, I’d let Alonso miss that gauntlet.”

The Mets will likely be facing the following pitchers:

  • Max Scherzer
  • Stephen Strasburg
  • Patrick Corbin
  • Trevor Richards
  • Jose Urena
  • Max Scherzer
  • Stephen Strasburg
  • Patrick Corbin

The Cubs’ Kris Bryant (who accrued exactly 171 days in his rookie season) and Braves’ Ronald Acuna were also called up after opening day because of service time.

“It’s awful,So awful. It’s going to happen this year and it happens every year. I could understand it if you go out and have a rough spring training where you don’t look ready. But there’s certain people who put the time and the effort into the offseason so that they do show up to spring training and they prove that they’re ready to go. I feel like you should be rewarded for that. They’re finding a loophole in the system. It doesn’t make it right. It kind of seems like the easy way out rather than showing someone that we’re going to reward what you’ve done in spring and what you’ve done in the offseason. ‘Here you go, you get Opening Day.’ That’d be pretty cool.”- Kris Bryant

Can fans wait a couple of weeks to see Alonso so that the Mets can benefit long-term and gain an extra year before he hits free agency?


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