Tim Tebow has been the talk of the town in Port St Lucie this Spring Training. Scouts, coaches and players have all taken notice of his vast improvement on the baseball diamond. He will start 2019 in Triple A Syracuse. One step closer to the big leagues for Tebow.

 “All I see is that he is getting better, better and better, and I think he will get a chance one day”, Robinson Cano told the New York Post.  “It’s not going to be an easy road, but the way he works is amazing and he is going to make it work. I love his last two at bats against lefties, I see real progress.”

One scout told the New York Post during today’s game in Jupiter, “I will say this, he’s gotten a lot better on the offensive side. His defense is still too much like a football player in left field.”

Tebow is 31 years old and although he has only been in the Mets system for 3 years, he is NOT considered a prospect. He is more like an experiment or what I like to call it, a way to sell tickets. Do I think he will make it to the majors in 2019? Possibly but I am hoping for the right reasons.

The right reasons: The Mets clinch the NL East and call up prospects and Tebow in September to rest their starters.

The wrong reasons: The Mets are sitting at the near bottom (Sorry Marlins) of the NL East and they are NOT drawing a large crowd at Citi Fild. They call up Tebow to sell tickets.

Let’s hope it’s for the right reasons!