Steven Matz made his scheduled start today against the Washington Nationals. He surrendered two home runs and a sharp double in the first inning. Matz threw 35 pitches. His spring ERA jumped from 5.19 to 9.31.

In the second inning, Matz gave up back to back home runs. One was from Anthony Rendon who homered on a fly ball to left center field and the other one was from Ryan Zimmerman who also homered to left center field.

 Matz called today’s eight-run outing “a really good reminder” that he must live down in the strike zone. Matz stressed that he can’t leave balls up the way he did today.

We have heard it time after time after time that Matz has all the talent to become a great pitcher. It seems to me that his clock is ticking to get it together. Last season he was finally healthy and made 30 starts. I really hope he can put it all together and solidify this rotation.

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