February turns to March and March turns to April. It’s spring fever. The only prescription for spring fever is opening day.

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Ask any legit baseball fan and they will tell you that opening day feels like a holiday. It’s the anticipation, the build up, the hope for a great year that makes you get excited for game 1. It’s like when the calendar hits December 1st and a little kid is marking down the days until Christmas. That’s how it feels no matter what your age is.

Opening day brings people together (literally). “Hey man are you going to opening day? Wanna meet up at Mcfaddens before?”. It’s spending quality time with your friends and family that makes you excited about opening day.

After the final out of the World Series there is a sign of relief. It’s the off-season and you need to recover from the pain of watching the team. Some turn to football or basketball or hockey until baseball returns. As the winter meetings roll through the calendar months and free agents start to sign with teams you start to miss baseball again.

After the super bowl has concluded and spring training starts you can finally say… baseball is back…well almost! When pitchers and catchers report and position players start taking batting practice the anticipation grows.

On opening day you wake up early in the morning because the game starts at 1:00pm and you need to get to the ball park early. You take the train there or drive your car with your friends or family to tailgate in the parking lot. You are surrounded by other people that share the same thing in common as you: you all are rooting for the same thing. You all love the same team. (Unless you are rooting for the opposing team then yikes go home. I’m kidding!!!!)

At Citi field the atmosphere is electric. Strangers are high giving you as you walk through the concourse. Everyone is smiling and enjoying a warm, spring afternoon. As you walk into the stadium you are treated by the friendly Citi field staff. You can literally smell baseball again. The familiar smell of freshly cooked Citi field hot dogs and hamburgers draws you to the line of the delicious Shake Shack restaurant.

As you walk to your seats, Howie Rose starts to announce the opposing team’s coaches and players. You can’t help but boo the other team even though you probably don’t know half the players. The adrenaline is running through your body, you’ve been anticipating this day for a while. Everyone in the stadium is on their feet and screaming for the home team. When they finally announce the Mets starting lineup you can’t help but scream like a little kid.  There is no better feeling than the rush of excitement you get when the national anthem finishes and the crowd erupts in a “Lets Go Mets” chant. You skipped work for this, your kid missed school for this, it’s opening day and it’s finally here!