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Jacob deGrom has been an elite pitcher since his debut in 2014, and with hometown extensions becoming a hit in 2019 for the games top talent (hello Mike Trout and Nolan Arenado), its time for the Mets to make their move.

Now you may ask, why now? deGrom won’t be a free agent till after the 2020 season! The Mets can wait! What if he gets injured? He could blow out his arm tomorrow!

Signing deGrom is not only a show of good faith to deGrom himself, who has repeatedly stated he’d like to remain a Met, but also to other players currently on the Mets. Nothing says dedication and loyalty like signing an elite pitcher to a contract extension before you “have” to. And to the Mets, whose PR has been shaky the past few years, this is incredibly valuable.

deGrom has also shown no sign of slowing down, with little mileage on his arm at age 30. His velocity actually was at its highest in 2018 at 96.7, a full mph higher than 2017, where he averaged 95.8 and two ticks higher than 2016 where he hung out at around 94.2.

If you’re questioning his performance, thinking he’s coming off his best season and somehow isn’t worthy if he doesn’t repeat his 2019, check this out:

Starting pitchers 2014-2018:

fWAR: 5th
K/9: 7th
BB/9: 13th
HR/9: 3rd
GB%: 11th
ERA: 2nd

If you’re looking for precedent, look at Max Scherzer who signed an 7 year 210 million dollar extension with the Nationals coming off his excellent age 30 season. A 5 year deal worth 150 million seems a small price to pay to get a similarly excellent, homegrown pitcher, and if it winds up going as high as Scherzer’s deal, so be it.