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Fred Wilpon, the Mets owner hated by the fans recently announced in the New York Post that he has agreed to pay $180 million dollars to buy back 12 percent stake in the Mets from cable giants Comcast and Charter Communications, owner of the Spectrum network.

According to the New York post, Fred Wilpon is poised to enlarge his majority Mets stake in a deal that values the struggling team at roughly $1.5 billion.

This article from the New York post which can be found here comes after all the extension talk with the Mets ace Jacob deGrom. Now I am no conspiracy theorist but it seems like the Mets owners are pulling another damage control stunt. Its no coincidence that this article comes out after all the deGrom talk. They want us to pity them.

The Mets sold part stake to Comcast in 2012 after the Wilpons were scrambling to raise cash after losing a fortune on the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme. Now that Fred is roughly spending $180 million dollars, how can he afford deGrom?

That is his excuse. He cannot afford deGrom because he is too concerned about earning profit. He wants the Mets to be worth more so he can be worth more. He does not want to spend on top talent. That’s why the Mets didn’t go after Manny Machado or Bryce Harper and it’s certainly why there has been no extension yet with deGrom. Someone tell this man how to run a business and a baseball team.

The pressure is on Mr. Wilpon. The media, players and fans are against you. Pay the man.