Have you received phone calls or emails from Mets representatives? Well I have. After the Mets took 2 of 3 from the division rival, Washington Nationals, ticket representatives were on the phones trying to sell season tickets. I got a phone call Monday morning and I saw that it was an unfamiliar number so I did not pick up.


“Hi Breanna this is ________ with the New York Mets. I just have a question regarding your account, if you could please call me back at ____________.”

When I received that phone call at first I thought it “oh no is there an issue with my opening day tickets?”. I immediately called back and the representative introduced himself and started to talk about the Mets record. There was no issue with my account. The representative just mentioned that to get me to call back.

“Did you see the games over the weekend? Boy that Ramos can hit”, he said with fake excitement. I told him of course I watched the game and it was a good series. He then went on to say he originally grew up a Braves fan but now likes the Mets and the orange and blue colors! Yeah okay buddy.

He then asked if I was going to opening day. I told him I am going with my boyfriend and my brother and his girlfriend. He then invited me to this “pregame” event behind the bullpen at 11:30am on Opening day. I told him I already had plans to go to Mcfaddens. He then stated “but if you go there will be one free beer and hot dog on us!”. I told him no thanks I am with family.

But boy In my head I was like “Jeez get me off the phone with this guy please.” If I go to this “pregame” I will be forced to talk about season tickets. It’s opening day! I want to enjoy the pre-game ceremony and the actual game. I don’t want to be heckled by someone trying to sell me season tickets!

Fast forward to Wednesday (today) I woke up with not one but two missed calls from this ticket representative! There was no voicemail but he did leave a text message:

“Hi Breanna, Matt with the Mets. Looking forward to seeing you and your boyfriend tomorrow at the happy hour tomorrow! Give me a call and I can discuss the details!”

I ignored the text for two reasons: 

  1. I am not interested.
  2. He used the word tomorrow twice in the same sentence. Proof read my guy!!

This “pregame” event is invite only it seems. Which means you have to contact the ticket sales representative to get in. Once you get your free beer and hot dog that’s when the conversations will begin about season tickets!

I understand how hard it is to get fans to buy season tickets. Maybe it would have been easier if you signed Bryce Harper. It seems like the Phillies have no issues selling season tickets now. I bet their ticket sales representatives aren’t heckling the fans.