Todd Frazier is still a useful MLB caliber player. Unfortunately, the Mets have a large contingency of such players at the two positions- 1B and 3B- that Frazier is capable of playing. And the time in which the Mets have to make this decision, whatever it is, is fast approaching with no clear answer at hand.

We can take a look at all the possible decisions and their general meaning below:

Sending Luis Guillorme to AAA

This seems like it would make the most sense, although it leaves the Mets limited in terms of the middle infield with no backup SS and only Jeff McNeil as the backup 2nd baseman. This would severely limit Mickey Callaway and his newfound penchant for double-switches. It would also create a redundancy on the roster, as JD Davis and Todd Frazier would essentially be occupying the same role.

Sending JD Davis to AAA

A few days ago, most fans would’ve done this in a heartbeat. JD Davis has preformed since then, and quite frankly is likely better than Frazier at this juncture. Frazier has not hit lefties recently: .162/.264/.270 batting line against left handers in 2018, while JD Davis, in his short career is hitting .250/.333/.528 against them, including a 2 homer performance against Patrick Corbin on the rival Nationals. Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to swap them.

Sending Dom Smith to AAA

We’re starting to get to the weird part of this. Sending Smith down simply makes no sense. He can only play first base, but he’s also the best defensively there of what the Mets have. He’s also been an excellent pinch hitter, late game defensive replacement and Mickey Callaway has been unafraid of using him in a double switch. He also bats left-handed, something the Mets bench needs. Dropping Smith for Frazier would just be a major roster redundancy.

Cutting or Trading Frazier

This is unlikely to happen until Frazier plays a bit at the MLB level, but it also has its issues. As stated earlier, Frazier is still a useful major league player. Cutting him could mean another contender picks him up, and a team like the Yankees could use him. Trading him will be difficult right now because his value isn’t that high coming off an injury, and the Mets surely don’t want to trade him to a NL contender where it could come back to bite them.

Sending a reliever down

Not going to happen with the current state of the bullpen. Doesn’t take care of the roster redundancy either.

Sending Brandon Nimmo to AAA

This is the unlikeliest of all to happen. Nimmo has struggled big time to start the 2019 season, but he is well loved by the fan-base, his teammates and has only endured a week long or so slump. He could turn it around next week and we’d all forget this horrifically slow start.

A common thing to say in MLB is that this is “a good problem to have”. I say, we’ll have to see, because there’s at least a small issue with every single one of the options available to the Mets right now.