Over here at thatmetschick.com, we cover the Mets and big MLB stories. Tonight, there is a different aura going. Chris Davis is 1 at bat from setting MLB record for consecutive at-bats without a hit. It has become something of a meme on twitter and across social media- people are rooting for this to happen.

It’s easy to do so. Chris Davis is well-paid, and his struggles are almost inconceivable considering where he was not so long ago. In 2015, Davis hit .262/.361/.562 with 47 HR, en route to a 7 year, 161 million dollar deal. He has struggled tremendously since, hitting .199/.296/.391, and has become something of a poster child to long-term contracts gone wild.

But Chris Davis is human. And we’d do well to remember that. We can mock the contract, or maybe even this article, saying he’s paid so much, who cares, I’d be happy if I had that much money, etc. But no one is in his shoes.

Reading this Sports Illustrated article is absolutely heartbreaking. It goes into detail about Davis questioning himself, with direct quotes from him such as ” Failure just follows me around daily” and “How can I go out there every day and just not succeed?”. Even talks of him crying in his car after games.

Few of us have been to the top and fallen so hard so fast, as Davis has. None of us have it in a national spotlight. I’m not asking you not to talk about it, not to refer to it in talks about hitting or anything like that.

I’m just asking you to remember that he’s one of us: a human. And we should all wish him the best, as humans ourselves.