We are just over a week into the 2019 season, but Wilson Ramos is different. He’s still very slow, almost comically slow. Still has a good throwing arm. He still doesn’t walk much. But other things have changed, and taking a deeper look means we’re gonna see a few things that could be just a product of one week, or that Wilson Ramos is a completely different hitter.

Wilson Ramos is hitting the ball hard

Harder than he ever has this early in the season. His 46.4% hard hit rate is 5th in the MLB among catchers at this point in the season. This is assuredly a good thing, and something we can all hope he keeps up.

Wilson Ramos is hitting the ball on the ground, and not in the air

This is where things start to get icky. His 60.7% groundball rate is tops among catchers, and that is not a good thing for a guy as slow as Ramos. His 10.7% flyball rate is bottoms among catchers as well. If you’re wondering why he hasn’t homered yet, that’s why. In fact, his groundball rate is 8th among all players, and his flyball rate is 2nd to last. Only Nick Markakis is hitting less flyballs than Wilson Ramos right now. He’s is likely to regress to the mean in terms of batting average and BABIP, and his groundball-tendencies will have to be addressed.

Wilson Ramos has stopped striking out

Ramos, as noted previously, has never walked much. But in the young 2019 season, he has also stopped striking out. 6.5% is astoundingly low, and only two players have struck out less- Nolan Arenado and Maikel Franco. Ramos has never struck out this little in his career, over the course of any month. I know we are only a week in, but this is a fascinating development.

Wilson Ramos is struggling a bit defensively

Ramos has never been known as a stalwart defender, and has hovered around average for most of his career, with peaks in above average and dips into below average. This year, however, he has struggled to -3 DRS early in the season. It should be noted, though, that early season defensive numbers should not be extrapolated over a full season. It’s just something to monitor.

Take from this what you will- it has, after all, only been a week. But we could be dealing with a new Wilson Ramos.