Jason Vargas has made 1 start this season and 1 bullpen appearance. In his first start he went six innings giving up only 2 runs to a very weak Miami Marlins team. The Marlins did however hit lasers off the bat that luckily was fielded by the Mets defense.

Vargas averages 84.1 MPH on his 2 seam fast ball. The MLB average is 92.5 MPH.

In his bullpen appearance on Tuesday night, Vargas was in a mop up role and couldn’t get the job done. He gave up 4 runs in one inning pitched against the Minnesota Twins.

What is more concerning is his quality of pitches:

*MLB AVG for quality of pitch is rated 4.50
*In 2018, Dallas Keuchel’s quality of pitches was 4.82
* Excellent quality is 6.00
* Syndergaard’s pitch quality is 5.49
*Poor quality is rated 4.00
*Vargas’ quality of pitches is 4.03

To make things even worse, Vargas’ Exit Velocity is ranked in the high 64th percentile (not good) and his hard hit % is ranked in the 37th percentile. His fastball velocity is ranked in the 1st percentile. Again not good.

It is early in the season however it is very concerning to see these kind of statistics. If the Mets are trying to compete in 2019 they should explore other options before things get ugly. Dallas Keuchel is available.