In the 6th inning of Monday’s night game, the Syracuse Mets were trailing 4-3. Summoned from the bullpen was Jacob Rhame. As he entered the game and warmed up, a replay of last week’s video of Phillies’ first baseman Rhys Hoskins’ 34-second home run trot showing up Rhame played on the scoreboard behind him.

The Syracuse Mets were fired up. They rallied in the last two innings to beat the IronPigs 7-4. Since the video was shown Monday night, the Mets have outscored the IronPigs 22-5. They followed up Monday night’s come-from-behind victory with an 18-5 win on Tuesday night at Coca-Cola Park.

“They didn’t respect (us), not only the pitcher, they don’t respect us as a team,” Mets outfielder Carlos Gomez said after Monday’s game. “They should not have played that video. We’re all professionals here.

The IronPigs refused to comment further on Monday night’s video incident.

The Phillies entire organization is so obsessed with JACOB RHAME. They want to make this whole situation a storyline for the rest of the season so badly. They need a reason to be fired up. “DON’T POKE A SLEEPING BEAR” 


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