Update: Wilmer Font will be pitching tonight. GREAT.

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The Mets do not have a scheduled starter for tonights game against the Washinton Nationals. 2 hours ago it was reported that Drew Gagnon will start the game. However, Gagnon has not thrown over 26 pitches in a month.

The Mets then stated “the probable pitcher is to be determined.” Who will be the Mets starter tonight? We don’t know but lets speculate.

Anthony Kay was supposed to start in yesterday’s Binghamton Rumble Ponies game but instead Jason Vargas made his rehab start. The Rumble Ponies starter for today (according to their social media) is to be determined. With the Mets and Binghamton both having TBD pitchers, it’s not hard to connect the dots. OR this could all be coincidence.

Kay currently owns a sweet 1.24 ERA in double A.