I am going to rant about this. All Star voting is a joke. If you haven’t already I recommend reading the Athletic article that was posted this morning. To sum up the article: Players that deserve to be recognized are not being recognized because they play for a small market team.

“We won’t get credit, man, Tommy Pham told The Athletic. “It’s always unfair. Big market vs. small Market. It’s never going to be fair. With Avisail and me, when I saw the ballot of the guys ahead of us- Jackie Bradley Jr and Brett Gardner- and they are hitting around .200 or lower. That tells you it right there.”

Tommy Pham speaks the truth. Major League Baseball has a marketing problem. They only market big cities. For a brand that wants to attract new fans, they do a terrible job at marketing the up and coming teams. Sunday night and Monday night baseball consists of big market teams (Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, Giants). You rarely see the Twins, Rays or even the Brewers on ESPN. Those teams are playing well and deserve to be recognized. How are fans going to see the next superstars if MLB only focuses on big market teams?

The NFL knows how to market teams (granted they only play once a week). They at least try to diversify who’s on Monday night football and Thursday night football. MLB plays the same big market teams on ESPN.

If you look at who is leading the polls for the all star game you will find some head scratchers. As Metsdaddy mentioned in his article: “Conforto is currently in the top six in WAR among outfielders meaning he should solidly be an All-Star. He’s also sixth in wRC+. Defensively, he’s just 16th in DRS, but that does qualify as fourth best among right fielders.” Despite these good stats, he is no where close to leading the outfield voting.

Major League Baseball needs to fix the voting process for the All Star Game. I don’t care if the ASG does not have meaning anymore. The ASG matters for players. For example, when players goes into arbitration, teams take into consideration if they were selected for the ASG or not. That’s bullshit. A player puts up great numbers and wasn’t an all star because a fan voted their favorite player who batted .200 over him? And a team is going to hold that against them? Players are going to get gypped thousands or millions of dollars because they weren’t considered an ALL STAR?! It’s SO stupid!

How can Major League Baseball fix this!

  • MLB gets to decide who is an All Star based on performance metrics. Fans get to vote the starting lineup.
  • Fans get to vote who makes the roster BUT the managers decides who starts.

These are the ideas I can think of off the top of my head. If you have any ideas please comment below or on twitter!

Thanks for reading!

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