Mets twitter is known for drama. It’s in our blood as Mets fans to vent about our team and say whatever is on our minds. Somethings however should not be said but that still does not stop some people from airing out their thoughts.

Ever heard of the guy named Rich Coutinho? He is the guy who proclaimed that Yoenis Cespedes and Jay Bruce would combine for more home runs than Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton.

He previously has written for Metsblog and he also wrote for up until yesterday. He had some unkind and unprofessional words to Metsmerized:

Statement from Rich Coutinho: 

“I wanted to let you all know I will no longer be writing for , Lets just say philosophical differences led to mutual parting. I will be writing on regularly. Specifics of this I’d rather not get into but lets just say my principles mean alot to me. The biggest difference between and will be a simple one–NY Sports Day will cover the Mets by actually being at the games with a team of reporters–Metsmerized they cover it from their laptops at home. Your choice. About my departure– in reality it is VERY simple–I wrote a piece last weekend about how diversity in sports reporting was due to pioneer efforts of both Susyn Waldman and –they refused to print it but did . And it got tons of hits. We all have to make career choices and with metsmerized I decided to move on. I was asked to stay on in a lesser capacity but decided that was not best given editorial constraints I was not willing to  live with that at this time in my career. ”

In other words, Coutinho is upset that MMO turned down his article. I previously wrote for MMO as a way to express my fandom of the New York Mets. This of course was before I knew how to run and operate my own Mets website. Joe and his writers are nothing but nice. It’s Joes website for crying out loud. He can do whatever he wants. I wrote an article that was turned down by them! So what. Guess what I did? I published it on my own website and I didn’t go after MMO for it!

Coutinho puts on a “nice guy” front and claims he’s a professional. He then goes on to insult MMO when they have been nothing but respectful to him and his decision. Talk about being a hypocrite.

This has been your weekly report for Mets twitter news! Have a great day! 

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