The Mets being the Mets have decided to obstruct views at Citi Field in order to add new foul pole advertising for Chick-fil-A. For any other franchise, this would seem like a bizarre move, but with the Wilpons in charge, this is another typically Mets moment. Really, the question is how do we as Mets fans celebrate the moment? Here are a few suggestions.

Considering Chick-fil-A is not actually sold in Citi Field, stop by Fuku and get yourself a fried chicken sandwich.

Like the Mets seemingly do all year, don’t show up on Sundays as Chick-fil-A is famously closed on Sundays.

Get tickets for Pride Night on August 10th.

Fill in your scorecard with “hilarious” misspellings like the ones on the foul poles.

For everyone you see at the game, point out the new advertisements and say, “Foul poles? More like fowl poles, am I right?” and continue repeating it until they get the joke.

Do the chicken dance for every songs which plays over the PA system.

Replace your Mets hat with a Chick-fil-A hat and put a small orange NY somewhere to be on brand.

Wear a David Wright or Yoenis Cespedes jersey to celebrate the cash grab not being reinvested back into the team.

For that matter, dust off your Daniel Murphy jersey because as we know, the Mets were really upset about his comments.

Bring a giant head of the Chick-fil-A chicken or cow and hold it up like people do with other obscure giant heads trying to be amusing or relevant.

Overall, just realize this is just the Mets being the Mets. They have no issue making themselves a laughingstock or making the ballpark experience worse for their fans. All they care about is every last dollar they can get to pay off every loan which was incurred as a result of the Madoff scandal. Either that, or Jeff is finding ways to help improve his e-sports team.