As you peruse through #MetsTwitter, one theme which has emerged is the fans belief that Michael Conforto is overrated. Typically speaking, there is a focus on his batting average and numbers in the clutch.

For example, John Harper of SNY wrote an article claiming Dominic Smith had more trade value than Conforto. In the article, Harper chided Conforto for the slumps he had in his career.

When “people” talk about Conforto, they make the case he is a player who has fallen well short of expectations, and at the end of the day, he is no more than just an average baseball player.

Mets fan Nicholas Mott makes the case Conforto isn’t clutch, and his assertions were supported by Thanos Wins who makes the case an .800 OPS in most clutch situations proves he isn’t.

When you break it down, there are people on WFAN like Chris Carlin who make the case the Mets need to trade Conforto because he has never reached his potential and likely never will. This was a take which was well received by some Mets fans because they are “lukewarm” on him. Certainly, this is a take which has held up quite well.

All told, people have made their case well that Conforto is just an overrated average ballplayer who will never fulfill his potential. In the end, maybe he is just like Carlos Beltran, who was another Mets player who was overrated and just needed a change of scenery to succeed.