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Wanna Write For Us?

Wanna Write For Us?

Send me a short bio of yourself, your favorite quote and a short version of one of your writings to

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Q- Do you specifically write satire posts?

A- We write opinion and breaking news articles as well but our writers tend to like creating satire posts because they cannot do that on other Mets blogs! That’s what makes us unique!

Q- How can I tell the difference between your news articles and satire posts?

A- Our satire posts have a disclaimer that looks like this at the bottom of the page:


Q Do I have to write everyday?

A- No write when you get an idea!

Q- Do you write post game recaps?

A- That’s not something we have done but if a writer wants to do that they can!

Q- Would I get paid to write?

A- This website earns no profit. It is just for fun. You write whenever you want to and like I said there is no pressure to submit posts because there are no deadlines. I created the blog so Mets fans can have a voice. No one including myself (Bre) earns revenue from this site.

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